A site that is pleasant to use

A site that is pleasant to use!

Digital agencies will be of great support in all the steps of your website creation. They will ensure the ergonomic design of your site to make it practical and pleasant to use.

Domain name

The domain name indicates the address of your website, preceded by "www".

HTTPS protocol

It allows Internet users to verify the identity of your website.

AMP version

This is a site format with pages that load quickly.

Web development and integration

Integration and web development are important levers for the accessibility of a website, like agence-voyage.info, as it is during this stage that your web project will take shape. One will give life to the user interface, while the other will give life to the website itself.

Web referencing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy, as it will define the positioning of your website on search engines.

It is part of SEO or natural search

It is part of SEO or natural search.

Google is one of the most used search engines

Google is one of the most used search engines.

It is a web referencing for mobile devices

It is a web referencing for mobile devices.

The objective of our web agency

Digital agencies can offer several services within their competence. Their main objective is to help you in your digital marketing strategy, i.e. to carry out the creation of your sites according to your needs and requests.

Tailor-made website creation

Tailor-made website creation

By creating a custom website, you ensure the authenticity and originality of your site. Thus, you will have at your disposal a functional and unique site.

Creation of a showcase site

Creation of a showcase site

A showcase site will allow you to be more visible on the Internet and will reinforce the image of your brand, as well as your e-reputation with your prospects.

Creation of e-commerce websites

Creation of e-commerce websites

Contacting a competent web agency is one of the most important steps in the creation of your e-commerce websites.

SEO audit and personalised follow-up

Before making any changes to rectify SEO mistakes, it is essential to carry out monitoring and analysis by undertaking an SEO audit. This is a very important step for your digital marketing strategy, because with a faulty SEO, your site will rank poorly on search engines.

Digital marketing tools

Digital marketing tools

Online business is much more complex than you might think. Indeed, digital marketing requires a great deal of knowledge of technology and many entrepreneurs do not master it well enough. Fortunately, web tools are there to help you. There are several easy-to-use tools on the web to :

Conduct a competitive analysis

Analyse the performance of a website

Search for keywords

Designing a web page

E-marketing & user experience

User experience is the basis of UX design, which is defined by how consumers feel about a company’s product online.

Live video concept

Live video concept

Getting a company to speak online through a live video on social networks is a strategy that will help generate leads, optimise sales and user experience.

Motion design

Motion design

This is a technique that allows you to animate several elements to make an animated video. It is easy to make demonstrations by illustrating them through a short film or images.